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In Ava It appears to are actually Element of the king's title, that he was "King of your white elephant, and Lord from the twenty-4 umbrellas." In 1855 the King of Burma directed a letter towards the Marquis of Dalhousie in which he types himself "His terrific, wonderful, and many superb Majesty, who reigns about the kingdoms of Thunaparanta, Tampadipa, and all The nice umbrella-donning chiefs on the Eastern nations".

Although this investigation have to have previously presented Umbrella with serious economical challenges, a all over the world manhunt for surviving founder Oswell E. Spencer sealed the organization's fate.

bumbershoot - An additional word for umbrella, shaped by combining an alteration with the word umbrella and an alteration in the phrase parachute.

thorough - such as all or all the things; "extensive coverage"; "a comprehensive heritage of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"

The Sanskrit epic Mahabharata (about 4th century BC) relates the subsequent legend: Jamadagni was a skilled bow shooter, and his devoted wife Renuka would often Get better Each and every of his arrows immediately.

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Valifin: A non-canon medication stated during the novelization Resident Evil: Zero Hour by S.D. Perry, Valifin is really an experimental pediatric coronary heart medication which has a side-effect of renal failure.

Following the administration's rejection in the track, Stewart and Nash dealt it out to other file labels. It absolutely was also supplied to English singer-songwriter Taio Cruz, who did not convince his history firm to launch it.[four] It was then opted by Island Def Jam chairman Antonio "L.A." Reid, a colleague of Stewart who founded his to start with studio. By early February 2007, the demo was sent to Reid's right-hand lady, A&R government Karen Kwak, who handed it along to Reid which has a concept confirming which they experienced found a song fitted to Rihanna, who was working on her third studio album, Great Lady Long gone Lousy, at some time.

1 gem, figured by Pacudius, reveals an umbrella using a more info bent deal with, sloping backwards. Strabo describes a type of display or umbrella worn by Spanish women, but this is not like a contemporary umbrella.

The Black Diffusor (silver reflector) provides the lights effect of the direct softbox with a single diffuser.

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protection, defensive evaluate, defence - (army) navy motion or resources preserving a rustic from possible enemies; "they died during the protection of Stalingrad"; "they were formulated for your protection software"

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The optional translucent diffuser provides the lights effect of a immediate or oblique softbox based upon which umbrella is used.

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